vineri, 17 ianuarie 2020

Personalized Name Jewely

   So, we all heard about name necklaces but did you know that there are other types of name jewelry, like earrings, rings or anklets? Maybe an idea like this sounds a little bit strage, but let me tell you a nice story about a pair of name earrings. When I was in college I had a friend that found a pair of earrings with her surname at a local designer. Her last name was Cercel. She was sooo upset when she lost one of her earrings and she asked me to make her something similar. You know that I make jewelry, but this was a hard request because I work with different materials. I tried to make them, I faild, then I put her to ask a designer that worked with wire to make some custom pieces. Again, another fail! 
    Now we can find name earrings online, on sites like CheapNameNecklaces click here at very affordable prices. I checked the site and I saw dangle and stud versions. I think the dangle ones are better as statement jewelry, while the studs works good even with a personalized letter necklace.

  I would pair a nice name ring with a custom heart necklace that I saw on the site. A name ring is more discreet and I find it proper for serious women. 

  As for the ankle bracelets, oh boy, I never really liked them but my sister force me to wear at least one when we go together on the beach. She give me very colorful models with tassels, that I don't enjoy but... I think a simple model, like the one from the picture above it will work much better in my case.
    To check all the name jewelry from this shop you click here. They all have free shipping and you can also choose the packaging you desire for only $1.

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