marți, 9 mai 2017

Wedding dresses from MUEE

  Choosing the right dress is a real strugle for a bride to be. Sometimes we find the perfect dress but it's very expensive and we can't afford it so we breath deeply and start searching again and again. The online market is full today with cheaper options, there are many virtual shops that offer discounted prices. They also give you the opportunity to pick the colour you like the most and to have a unique dress tailored after your measurments. One of these shops is, an online store specialized in wedding and prom dresses at low prices.

   Many women want to have a romantic wedding on a beach near family and close friends, so designers have turned to models that can be worn in such locations. MUEE offers 25 types of Beach Wedding dresses and their prices are between 130 and 300$. A good value for modern cuts!
    For more conservative brides there is the choice of lace wedding dresses, which come in many lengths and shades. From the same material, we can also choose lace bridesmaid dresses, in a variety of colors, from pink to shining violet. Did you know that in 2017 burgundy is the top color for bridesmaids? This color is also the queen for wedding decorations or bouquets. Just add a touch a gold glitter and everything will look great!

   Even if my wedding date is not set yes, this is the dress i plan to wear. I'm going to create it in a workshop, but the pattern will be the same, I saved it a year ago from Pinterest. I have a tiny upper body with a very small waist so is hard to pick something molded direct from a shop. I saw this model also on MUEE at 233$ and I will take this option into consideration.

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